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Force Series

Long Life and Lower Maintenance Cost

The Force Battery provides high performance, long life and lower total ownership costs. Unique design features provide higher capacity without sacrificing battery cycle life, while maintaining normal watering intervals.

Design Features & Benefits:

  • ​Higher energy density than flat plate positive plate constructed batteries results in superior performance

  • Greater surface area optimizes active material utilization allowing higher voltages under load

  • Hadi high pressure die cast positive splines resist corrosion which improves battery life and outperforms gravity cast flat plate construction 

  • Uniform distribution of active material and weight achieved through a wet filling process which enhances plate uniformity

  • Round, non-woven tubular gauntlets provide greater resistance to activate material shedding

  • Fully enveloped separators reduce the chance of short circuiting

  • 1" sediment space to prevent short circuits

  • Rubber terminal bushings absorb impact and shock on rough floors

Greater Acid Accumulation


  • Round tube design has greater acid circulation than square tube or flat plate positive plates

  • The round tubular plate retains its shape as the plate expands during discharge

  • Forklifts and Material Handling

  • Pallet Jacks

  • Automated Guided Vehicles

drawing of tubular design.png




Acid-Resistant Powder-Coated Epoxy Steel Battery Trays

  • Resists corrosive effects from acid

  • Provides protection from voltage leakage to the truck

  • Coated on all inner and outer surfaces for complete protection

User Replaceable Bolt-On Cable Connections.png

User Replaceable Bolt-On Cable Connections

  • Cone & thimble bolt easy on/off design

  • Eliminates the need for battery technician replacement saving time and money

  • Allows facility personnel to make immediate repairs to cut or torn cables 24/7 eliminating downtime 

  • Increases safety since connectors and contacts can be replaced while the cables are not connected to a live battery

Acid-Resistant Powder-Coated Epoxy Steel Battery Trays.png
Pull Resistant Cables.png

Pull Resistant Cables

  • Insulation to the mating interface protects against accidental exposure to live circuits

  • Easy-to-grip housings for quick connections

  • Color-coded housings for connection identification

Optional Single-Point Watering System & Indicator.png

Optional Electrolyte Indicator

Optional Single-Point Watering System

Reliable electrolyte-level Indicators let you know when electrolyte levels are low

  • Fast, easy filling, low spill and fewer missing caps which can allow leakage and corrosion

  • Compatible with all water level indicators

Optical Flip-Top Vent Caps

Optical Flip-Top Vent Caps.png
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