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Echo Series

Quality reconditioned batteries

The Echo Reconditioned Battery provides solid performance, reliable battery life and overall reduced costs. Every Echo battery has been reconditioned through our 4-stage reconditioning process. ​​

Design Features & Benefits:

  • ​Higher energy density than flat plate positive plate constructed batteries results in superior performance

  • Greater surface area optimizes active material utilization allowing higher voltages under load

  • Hadi high pressure die cast positive splines resist corrosion which improves battery life and outperforms gravity cast flat plate construction 

  • Uniform distribution of active material and weight achieved through a wet filling process which enhances plate uniformity

  • Round, non-woven tubular gauntlets provide greater resistance to activate material shedding

  • Fully enveloped separators reduce the chance of short circuiting

  • 1" sediment space to prevent short circuits

  • Rubber terminal bushings absorb impact and shock on rough floors

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